Birthdays Smirthdays

Fun fact: I’m not a big fan of making a spectacle out of my birthday. In fact, I like to keep it nice and quiet and just for me. You’ll never know it’s my birthday unless you know me well. Even then, I won’t be forthcoming with any such information, but if you’re lucky, I might share with you my pizza or donuts or cake, but never my beer.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I usually go have a beer in honour of my dad’s birthday on August 21, but due to the pandemic, I’ll post a comic about it instead and maybe have a beer at home. 

Dread comic


Living with daily dread is to simply ignore it. Originally posted to Instagram amid the COVID lockdown on May 2, 2020

You were so charming

So Charming…

Balls deep

Balls Deep

cutting vegetables

Fears & Anxieties

I’m confident in the kitchen but when I think of all the risk involved, I can’t help but make a comic about it. 😉