Flash Fiction

Lady in 4A

Nobody had seen her in nearly a quarter of a century. The tenants downstairs her could hear her shuffling across the floor every now and then, but the woman who was rumoured to be somewhere between 60 and 90 years old remained largely a mystery. Some folks had a genuine concern for her, while neighbourhood kids told tales of facial deformities and cannibalism. Others couldn’t help but let their eyes

Flash Fiction // Mary’s Date

When was the last time she’d met someone new? 2007? Yes, it was June 2007 when she was introduced to Tom by mutual friends. “Stop. Don’t go there.”, she whispered to herself. Mary cautiously parked her car and stepped out into a warm and bright evening. As she made her way down to the place her date had recommended, she basked in the warm September air. Tom had loved sitting

Eddie's dilemma, flash fiction

Flash Fiction // Eddie’s Dilemma

It was weeks. No. Months. Months since the last tortured screams were heard in the streets. Eddie had holed up in his apartment, hoping to avoid whatever was out there. Through a tiny sliver of daylight, he glimpsed the hell that lay outside. It wasn’t pretty. Not until his cupboards were bone dry did he dare to go outside. But finally, with much trepidation, armed with a golf club and