Creative Wasteland

Oh hi. I didn’t see you standing there. You’re probably wondering what the deal is with this vacant wasteland of a so-called blog

It’s a work in progress. 

Shortly after I launched this thing, I had to go help my mom as she was having some health issues. I was with her for three weeks while she had a hospital stay, and during that period, I was working out of her home and attempting to keep up with a writing course I was taking. When I got home at the end of July, I was a bit tired. 

But since then, I’ve been more creatively energized than I’ve been in a long time. My time was so rigidly consumed by a select few things, that once I was free of those restraints, I went crazy trying to do all the things. While I waited for some film to be developed, I had a painful urge to draw, so I made a comic and sketched. At other times, I hammered away at the typewriter, while I stared at the neglected stack of unread books. I need to read those!

And so, here we are, at the end of summer, and I’m aiming to get back to this thing and try to keep it updated regularly. I have many negatives scanned, rough sketches, and—Oh yeah! My husband ordered me a block printing kit, which will eventually be used for postcard making and other things. I hope to share some of this nonsense soon! 

Tell me: Where do you get your creative energy? 

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