Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse

Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse

There’s nothing I relish more than my holiday break. I usually reserve quite a few vacation days to use in December, and then say Adios! to my workplace and pretend to be retired for a few weeks.

Of course, the first week is quite busy with the typical hustle and bustle but with all the extra time, I like to make a holiday project. A few years ago, it was the Cardboard Fireplace and this year it’s the Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse!

When my husband and I started dating in 2005, we’d talked about making a gingerbread crime scene, complete with broken glass, police tape and other fine details but this year, I thought a Zombie Apocalypse would be worthy of gingerbread.

I’d made a small gingerbread house in my high school home economics class, but not since have I worked with this aromatic brown dough. It was quite easy, I learned, but time-consuming. And messy.

I’m not quite sure what next year’s project will be, but I’ve been mulling over the idea of sewing an apron with a pocket or loop for just about every kitchen tool, utensil or gadget. It will be ridiculous.