Sorry for being so non-existent

New Goals and Aiming for Connection

It’s been over a year since I last updated this creative wasteland. 

Since July 2020, I’ve had the difficult job of caring for my mom after a dementia diagnosis. First, from a distance, and when the challenges increased, I stayed with her for three months while helping her transition to assisted living. 

It was challenging period, but also one of growth. I focused on a lot of art; I documented the time with my mom through photographs, and I did a lot of writing. And to help cope with the strain on my mental health, I also captured my personal experience through illustration. Creativity was a life preserver in a time of pain. 

While the challenges are far from over, they are now more manageable. So my focus has shifted to finding a way to give a purpose to the work. And I think the best vehicle is an eNewsletter. 

My intention for an email newsletter is connection; Whether you know me or not, I hope to provide something of value by sharing some of this stuff. 

Although I won’t share all of it, I’ll share some of it and other bits ‘n’ bobs of what I’m up to. I might also share other artists and creative inspiration. 

If you’re interested, please do sign up!



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