Cardboard Fireplace

Cardboard Fireplace

In November 2018, I decided to follow through with an idea that I’d been mulling over for a few years.

I wanted to make a cardboard fireplace that simulated a roaring fire. Why? Because I like making things and making things with my hands is especially satisfying!

I started the project in November and over the course of my 2-week holiday in December, I focused on building this thing.

It created some great ambiance for the holidays. The tissue paper actually simulated a light crackling and it was pretty nice.

Materials used:

  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Mini lights
  • Tissue paper
  • Small USB powered fan
    attached to a portable power bank

Below are some progress shots and the finished video.

I can’t tell you what’s in store for this thing but it takes up entirely too much room in my small apartment. One day, I may take it somewhere safe and light a real fire in it.