Flash Fiction // Mary’s Date

When was the last time she’d met someone new? 2007? Yes, it was June 2007 when she was introduced to Tom by mutual friends. “Stop. Don’t go there.”, she whispered to herself. Mary cautiously parked her car and stepped out into a warm and bright evening. As she made her way down to the place her date had recommended, she basked in the warm September air. Tom had loved sitting on the porch on evenings like this. She suddenly felt her grief rise up, causing her face to redden. Mary stopped, took a breath and composed herself. She continued walking. 

When she arrived at the pub, she was led to the table where David was waiting. A perfect gentleman, he rose to greet her and gave her a light hug. Excited but nervous, she sat and was happy to see the wine. She drank. 

Hours passed without notice, and conversation seemed effortless. David was a pleasure to talk to, and it seemed there were little to no lulls. And so, always inevitable in the getting-to-know-each-other exchange, David then asked, “So, do you have any pets?” And without warning, Mary burst into tears. Analog photography, art, black & white, fiction, film photography, flash fiction, medium format, micro fiction, photograph, photography, postcard fiction, stories, writing, yashica mat 124

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