Inktober and other distractions

Likely story. I’d originally written this post in November but never finished it.  0ne of the last times I updated this creative wonderland of nonsense, I was neck-deep in making postcards and sending them to friends, strangers and pets all over. Since then, I’ve been doing some bookbinding, and in October, I jumped into Inktober! It’s a fun challenge. What’s even more enjoyable is seeing the work of other artists. I’d enjoyed watching the challenge

Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse

Gingerbread Zombie Apocalypse

There’s nothing I relish more than my holiday break. I usually reserve quite a few vacation days to use in December, and then say Adios! to my workplace and pretend to be retired for a few weeks. Of course, the first week is quite busy with the typical hustle and bustle but with all the extra time, I like to make a holiday project. A few years ago, it was

Creative Wasteland

Oh hi. I didn’t see you standing there. You’re probably wondering what the deal is with this vacant wasteland of a so-called blog.  It’s a work in progress.  Shortly after I launched this thing, I had to go help my mom as she was having some health issues. I was with her for three weeks while she had a hospital stay, and during that period, I was working out of her

The Pink Devil

If Cotton Candy were a living, breathing entity, it’d be a cold and vile creature, living in the shadows and occupying most-wanted lists from coast to coast. Like cake, it is celebratory in appearance, but don’t be fooled! It’s not your friend, not like cake. The silly-looking confection aims to render its victims helpless at first sight and then go in for the kill. It is so sickly sweet to

Cheers to a new website

Cheers to Another New Website

If you’ve had a look around, you know that I make a lot of different things. Including websites. This is just another one. Whether graphic design, illustration or photography, I’ve always aimed to separate my creative pursuits and divide them across various websites and social profiles. Well, that’s just dumb. I’ve always felt I should be focusing on one thing at a time and that is simply not me. Aside